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Woojin Plaimm Unveils Latest ‘Online Exhibition’

Visitors can access the online exhibitions without any registration process. Based on a road-view format, visitors move from presentation to presentation with just a click and watch Woojin Plaimm experts introduce the operating principles of injection molding machines by each machine series.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a full 360-degree view of each injection molding machine. By clicking the image of major parts such as a clamping part, injection part, and hydraulic part, the detailed views are seen through the magnification function. Furthermore, each model’s catalog and customer application manual guide can be downloaded. Visitors are also able to easily send a message directly to the manager of the sales department and R&D center through an email window at any time.

The first online exhibition hall presents mainly the A5 series, focusing on the likes of the premium two-platen direct locking injection molding machine “DL-A5,” premium hydraulic precision injection molding machine “TH-A5,” and premium electric injection molding machine “TE-A5.”

The second hall, opening last February, introduces the G5 series. The machines featured include the two-platen energy-saving direct locking injection molding machine “DL-G5,” which is focused on the two basics of quality and efficiency; the energy-saving hydraulic injection molding machine “TB-G5” that adds the compact mechanic structure and the high-hydraulic structure based on optimized servo pump drive control technology; and power-saving electric injection molding machine “TE-G5” of which high-quality AC servo motor ensures the precision of operation and enables fast processing with independent control for each part.

The third hall, which opened in April, features the “VH series.” The series includes the low floor vertical energy saving hydraulic injection molding machine “VH-RG5,” which focuses on the improvement of quality and productivity; the vertical energy saving hydraulic injection molding machine “VHA-RS” that harmonizes the technology and flexibility; and the vertical insert injection molding machine “VHL-RS,” which lowers the table height with the vertical form vertical injection structure.


Along with the “Online VR Factory Tour” opening this past June, the fourth hall showcased multi-component and multi-color injection molding machines with energy saving electric drive method like the “TE-NC” and energy-saving hydraulic drive type “NC-G5” series.


Woojin Plaimm’s multi-component and multi-color injection molding machine lineup promotes the productivity improvement by molding multiple colors and multiple resins in one cycle. The assembly process and post-process are then reduced when producing complex molded products.

In late August, Woojin Plaimm introduced its fifth online hall. This one introduces a low-pressure physical microcellular foam injection molding machine, known as “Super Foam,” as a flagship item.

The device uses technology for forming porous products by dissolving and dispersing inert gas in the melted resin to generate bubbles, and by growing and stabilizing the initiators under reduced pressure during the injection process. The positive results are numerous, including improving fuel efficiency, improving zero back, shortening braking distances, improving steering wheel handling ability, improving durability, and reducing exhaust gas as many companies seek the use of eco-friendly equipment for the reduction of carbon emission.

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