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The Acquisition of a Comexi Offset CI8 Allows Totalflex to Better Service Its Customers


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The Brazilian company stresses that central drum offset printing brings
innovation, productivity, and profitable shorter runs by combining multiple SKUs Comexi, a specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing
and converting industry, and Totalflex Indústria de Embalagens, one of the largest flexible packaging companies in Brazil, have reached an agreement for the acquisition by the Brazilian company of a Comexi Offset CI8. This purchase will allow Totalflex to increase productivity, offering customers shorter runs, capable of combining various SKUs within the same job. This is the first central drum offset press which Comexi installs in Brazil.
“We are able to offer innovation and productivity to our customers, as well as sustainable printing, as a result of EB (Electron Beam) inks and lacquers”, explains Clodoaldo Martins Neto, executive
director of Totalflex. He also comments that the Brazilian company strives to make a difference with the options that presently exist on the market, confirming that for this purpose, Totalflex “offers monolayer materials, thinner films, higher productivity, and high quality printing, which has positioned the company and its products on the forefront of the market”.
Neto emphasizes that one of the strengths of Comexi’s offset central printing technology is its capability of grouping multiple SKUs in one single run. “It allows us to market our services to
clients with an extensive mix of SKUs and offer SKU combinations within the same job. As a
result, we are able to competitively perform short or medium runs at the highest quality level”.
The commercial relationship between Comexi and Totalflex began in 2003 with the purchase by the Brazilian company of the first machines. “We had an extremely positive appreciation of
Comexi and identified considerably with the company because its profile was similar to ours.
Since 2001, before our first acquisition, Comexi was already providing us flexographic technical support, which was unmatched in Brazil. By virtue of Comexi, we have been able to competitively differentiate ourselves by offering a high standard of quality that has never been seen in our region. Together, we are building a beautiful alliance”, says Clodoaldo Martins Neto.
Totalflex Indústria de Embalagens, which has its headquarters in the city of Jequié (Bahia), was founded in 1977 under the name of Artplástico. In 1994, the company was acquired by its current wners. After investments in technology, which culminated with the acquisition of modern and high-performance equipment, Totalflex Indústria de Embalagens began offering a variety of services in 2006, the year the new Totalflex brand was created, becoming a sector leader of a main industry. The company specializes in supplying flexible laminated packaging with two or more layers, and produces packaging that preserves and maintains the characteristics and quality of various products. Totalflex has the ABFlexo seal given to notable flexographic printing
companies, placing it among the top five companies of the sector in Brazil.
The Comexi CI8 Offset press is the result of combining the advantages of offset variable size printing with central drum technology. It is the best solution for short and medium size runs, embraces the demand of time to market and printing quality, reduces the operative cost, and has
less of an impact on the environment.

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