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Ginu Joseph

Editor in Chief  & Director 

Mr. Ginu Joseph is working in Plastics Industry since 1995. While working in the Plastics Industry for three years he observed that, not a single Indian magazine related Plastics Industry existed to provide comprehensive details about Plastics Industry such as technology, latest innovations, latest export news, research & technical articles, etc. Hence he ventured in to publications and started his own magazine from February 2000. After ten years of study in Plastics Industry Mr. Joseph felt a need for a comprehensive platform to promote the people of worldwide Plastics Industry come and interact together at a single venue.

Anthony George

Director Marketing 

Mr. Anthony George has been working in Plastics Industry since 2000. Along with the Plastic, he was also closely associated with the   IT Industry for couple of years. Now he is back with a vision to do something new for the Plastics Industry. Mr. George says that, “this will be the future worldwide show with low budget”, he also emphasises that this is a comprehensive platform to promote the people of worldwide Plastics Industry.


Pushpa Shetty

Creative Director

Ms. Pushpa Shetty is a Creative Director (CD) at Emerald Plastics Magazines Pvt. Ltd., She comes with global ideas locally, and her team has now delivered its commitment to provide an extraordinary new and creative idea that will excite many in the Industry. She also comes with an expertise of Web site solutions and has been inclined to serve Industry with better visual effects & fresh graphic ideas. Her vision includes of interactive technologies, usability and graphics design and  Pushpa is the creative woman behind this project.

Petra Löwer

Advertising Sales Europe

Mrs. Petra Löwer is working in Plastics, designing, mold making and tooling Industry for more than two decades and felt a need for a 3D exhibition with a difference to promote European companies to the booming market. Mrs. Löwer is also learned 3D Animation and designing two decades before. Now Mrs. Löwer is Responsible for Marketing Europe and USA.


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