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 "Dr.John Farber's entrepreneurial spirit and numerous innovations have helped shape and influence a wide spectrum of industries," said Bret Joslyn, SPE Thermoforming Division Past Chair.


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CAROL STREAM, IL., U.S.A., September 26, 2018:  The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division has presented Dr. John Farber, founder of ICC Industries Inc.,

with its lifetime achievement award.  The Division’s Executive Committee  presented the award to him in absentia on September 25, during SPE’s Thermoforming Awards Dinner at AT&T Stadium, Home of the Dallas Cowboys, in Arlington, Texas.

ICC Industries Inc. is a privately-held group of companies focused on the manufacture, trade and marketing of chemicals, plastics, and related products.  Among the holdings of the ICC Group is Primex Plastics Corporation, founded by Dr. Farber in 1965.  Primex Plastics Corporation houses six custom sheet-manufacturing facilities with over 125 extrusion lines; two color, compounding and additives locations; a design and fabrication facility; and a new technical and innovation center.

Dr. Farber, born in 1925, grew up in Romania, where his family operated a paint manufacturing company.  After World War II, that company was nationalized and the family left Romania for western Europe.  Dr. Farber went to Israel, where he worked as a laboratory chemist, and then came to New York to complete his doctorate in polymer chemistry.  He began to develop sales of U.S.-made paint ingredients and related products  into Europe, where industry was recovering from the war.  The trading company he founded during that period, now ICC Chemical Corporation, was instrumental in developing logistics and shipping expertise for the global movement of bulk chemicals.

Among the other holdings in the ICC Group are Dover Chemical Corporation, an Ohio-based specialty chemicals manufacturer; Konsyl Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Maryland-based provider of health products; and S.C. Azur S.A., which is located in Dr. Farber’s home town in Romania and  is the successor of the paint manufacturer originally owned by Dr. Farber’s family.

Dr. Farber and his wife, Maya, live in New York City.  They have four children and four grandchildren.

 “Dr. Farber’s entrepreneurial spirit and numerous innovations have helped shape and influence a wide spectrum of industries,” said Bret Joslyn, SPE Thermoforming Division Past Chair.  “His expertise has had significant impact on food and beverage development, manufacturing, and thermoforming practices all over the world.  Through rollstock and sheet products, Dr. Farber’s influence has touched a lot of thermoformers over the years.”

THE SPE THERMOFORMING DIVISION is a technical division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, based in Bethel, CT.  The Thermoforming Division’s mission is to facilitate the advancement of thermoforming technologies through education, application, promotion and research.  The Division hosts an annual educational conference and publishes an award-winning technical journal, SPE Thermoforming Quarterlyâ.  The Division has also funded over $275K in equipment grants and tens of thousands of dollars in undergraduate scholarships since it was first formed.  For more information, please visit

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