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Solar simulation test chambers SunEvent from weisstechnik


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When developing products and conducting quality tests, it is important to reliably test the influence of sunlight, temperature and humidity on the widest range of products and materials. weisstechnik has developed the solution with its solar simulation test chambers SunEvent. At the K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf from 16 to 23 October, the company will be displaying its high-quality, extensively equipped test chambers series to visitors.

Testing environmental influences reliably

Test devices SunEvent have an integrated irradiation unit and a performance-optimised tempering technology and climate control system. The test chambers, which have been proven in long-term tests, achieve exceptional temperature and humidity constants and thus ensure correct, reliable and reproducible measurement results. Compliance with current testing standards, such as IEC 60068-2-5 (Testing equipment or components under simulated solar radiation conditions) and DIN 75220 (Ageing of automotive components in solar simulation units) is easily achieved. The test space is perfectly insulated using environmentally friendly products, and its machine-welded seams make it completely vapour-tight. Optimised air circulation provides a uniform air distribution.

Simple operation and monitoring

The irradiation unit and its metal halide lamps are made in Germany and ensure high irradiation uniformity. The intensity of the irradiation can be set to any level. Test Chambers SunEvent are equipped with the digital S!MPAC® measuring and regulation system for simple operation and  monitoring. Test chamber and test object protection, excess temperature protection of the humidity unit and the test object shut-down are included in the extensive basic equipment and provide high operating reliability. The devices can also be expanded with a sprinkler system to simulate extreme climate conditions and S!MPATI® software for the simple operation, documentation and archival of test sequences.

Four variables for a variety of requirements

Test chambers SunEvent are available in four standard sizes with a test cabinet volume ranging from 340 to 3,600 litres and an irradiation intensity ranging up to 1,100 watts per square metre of test area. Temperature tests can be conducted in a range from -20 to +100 °C (with irradiation) or from -30 to +100 °C (without irradiation). The test chambers have been developed using the extensive experience and in-depth expertise of weisstechnik. High-quality materials, in-house production of many components and regular quality controls guarantee the high quality and reliability of solar simulation test chambers.

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