Friday, September 29, 2023

Quick Reference

SizeRate EuroRate US$Rate INR.
Back Page€ 3,530US$ 51003,06,000
Front Opening Page€ 2,492US$ 36002,16,000
Front Inside Cover€ 2,492US$ 36002,16,000
Page Divider€ 2,492US$ 36002,16,000
Book Mark (Tag)€ 2,492US$ 36002,16,000
Back Inside Cover€ 2,492US$ 36002,16,000
Inside Cover Double Page Spread€ 2,838US$ 41002,46,000
Inside Cover Triple Page Spread€ 3,046US$ 44002,64,000
Double Page Spread€ 2,215US$ 32001,92,000
Triple Page Spread€ 2,838US$ 41002,46,000
Full Page€ 1,722US$ 24881,49,328
Half Page (1/2)€ 1148US$ 165899,504
Island Page€ 1,399US$ 1,8661,11,996
1/3rd Page€ 864US$ 110666,384
2/3rd Page€ 1,435US$ 1,912114,814
Quarter Page€ 717US$ 1,03662,208
Banner Ads Top (Per month)€ 960US$ 105051,984
Banner Ads, Logo Right Side€ 600US$ 70036,000

Terms & Conditions

  • Exchange rate will be applicable at the time of payment
  • 100% along with the order.
  • Cover Pages Sold on non-cancelable contract basis only
  • All Disputes of any will be settled in the Mumbai Jurisdiction only
  • 24% Interest per annum if not paid within 15 days of order
  • All subscription will start only after 10-12 weeks from the time of payment
  • Companies who are registered in India will get Indian Rupees Price

Advantages & Additional Features

  • Free for qualified reader by filling the form from plastics industry
  • Free for downloading / reading from the website
  • This is the only Indian Plastics magazine you can read online and download for FREE average 7000 downloads per month
  • E-Marketing for Annual Advertisers
  • The ability to reach specific audiences
  • Full magazine is printed in Four Colour
  • Excellent pass-along value
  • Low cost will help to save lot of money
  • Relatively long ad life and repeated ad exposure
  • Promotions in all national and international exhibitions
  • Editorial Coverage
  • Banner Ads will give you direct access to you website
Mechanical Data
Back Cover280 mm x 210 mm (Bleed Size)
Inside Cover254 mm x 178 mm (Non Bleed)
DPS279 mm x 419 mm (Bleed Size)
Full page254 mm x 178 mm (Non Bleed)
Half page124 mm x 178 mm (Non Bleed)
One Third page254 mm x 60mm (Non Bleed)
Quarter page124 mm x 86 mm (Non Bleed)
Trim Size280 mm x 210 mm (8 1/4″ x 11″)
Dead Line
Editorial15th of Previous Month
Ad Closing20th of Previous Month
Ad Material25th of Previous Month
Publishing Date15th of Every Month

Printing Material Required

  • Four Colour Ads. : Four PDF & JPG with colour proofing.
  • B&W Advertisements: B&W PDF & JPG Files
  • Alternations made to existing printing material will also charged extra.
  • Inserts available in Modern Plastics India, Injection Moulding World & Plastics Planet Magazine
  • Online Edition JPG Needed.