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Mamata Machinery introduces world’s fastest Back Seam Sack maker for BOPP Laminated Woven Fabric


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Use of BOPP laminated woven sacks has grown very fast in past few years. Requirement of making small size sacks/pouches has always been restricted due to limitations on producing minimum size of tube in woven fabric circular looms. However, entry to market has opened by back seam BOPP laminated sacks which use laminated woven fabric as sheet and convert into tube with help of hotmelt glue. Uptill now, with available machines in market, this process faced a lot of problems of consistency, quality, reliability and very low speed. Also, to convert BOPP laminated fabric into sack, people had to follow multiple processes which involved more than one machines as well as lots of labor. This has created bottle neck in the industry and put this backseam bag market on backfoot.

Recently, Mamata Machinery Pvt. Ltd., leading manufacturer of bag makers and pouch makers introduced fully automatic back seam sack/pouch maker : Vega SM 650 for BOPP laminated woven fabric. Sturdy structural construction, reliable and consistent output and complete online process, makes it unique and most suitable machine for this industry. With  introduction of high technology machine to meet market demand and drastically reduce conversion cost, it will help woven sack industry to compete in International markets.

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