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HRSflow is a global market leader in hot runner systems for the automotive industry


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Since the 4th quarter of 2019, HRSflow is the number one worldwide in the field of hot runner technology for automotive applications. This is shown by the regular internal comparison of the company’s own sales figures with the corresponding accessible figures of competitors.

This journey to the top is the result of HRSflow’s twenty-year history of product development with a variety of breakthrough technologies that have consistently brought advances to the entire injection molding landscape. The most recent example is the FLEXflow EVO system, the latest generation of HRSflow’s servo-controlled valve gate systems. An important contribution to achieving this goal has been made by the global structure with three identically equipped production facilities in Europe, China and the USA, which enables the company to manage very complex international projects and support customers with flexibility, high quality standards and short delivery times in design and production.

Maurizio Bazzo, President, comments: “We owe our current leading market position to the passion of all our employees for their work, a reliable team, the principle of continuous improvement and a strong focus on service before, during and after the installation of our systems. Taken together, these factors and our close cooperation with mold makers and end users result in real added value for our customers, helping them to be successful in the marketplace themselves.”

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