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Chem-Trend Develops Products Meeting Food Safety Compliance Requirements


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Chem-Trend, a world market leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical specialties, today announced the arrival of Lusin LU1201F, a lubricant specifically created for the thermoplastics packaging industry. Lusin LU1201F completes a larger portfolio of chemical specialty products developed in support of customers trying to achieve SQF Certification, making Chem-Trend a single source for thermoplastic packaging products when food compliance is needed.

“Chem-Trend understands the complexity of food packaging manufacturing. Our vast research and development team set out to create an innovative product line that supports food safety management systems. We’re pleased to offer this full suite of products, providing food-packaging customers with customizable options that will fit their unique needs and, in many cases, achieve a competitive edge,” said Antje Scholl, Business Development Director – Thermoplastics, Chem-Trend.

Chem-Trend’s complete portfolio of targeted products for those working to achieve food safety compliance includes:
● Lusin Release Agents
● Ultra Purge and Lusin Purging Compounds
● Lusin Cleaners
● Lusin Lubricants

With these products, Chem-Trend is prepared to grow with thermoplastics processors focused on providing packaging solutions to the food industry now and well into the future. Chem-Trend strives to create the very best products on the market for predictable, reliable, and ever-improving levels of productivity. Chem-Trend understands that every product is different and every machine unique, and that manufacturing conditions vary greatly. This is why Chem-Trend works with each customer, often on-site, to further refine solutions for each situation.

Chem-Trend is the most proven partner in the world for release agents, purging compounds, and other related process chemical specialties. Using a customer-centric approach combined with deep research and development, Chem-Trend is dedicated to providing expertise and innovative solutions to improve product quality, production efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainability for its customers now and well into the future. Chem-Trend offers a globally integrated network of experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful production and technical experts, with leading-edge research and development facilities supporting myriad industries and needs. Chem-Trend serves customers through offices in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe and is part of the Freudenberg Group.

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