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Bekum is heralding the future of blow moulding with the “Concept 808” machine study


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Newly designed blow moulding machine for packaging, “Concept 808”, with many innovative features:

  • New, functional machine design
  • Magnetic quick mould change system
  • High-output and Energy-efficient Extrusion Package
  • New generation Bekum Controls 8.0
  • Regrind processing in line with the circular economy

New Design and Improved Functionality

At first glance, all observers will note the modern design of the machine’s cladding.

The design is eye-catching with its aesthetics, modern colors and shape and is characterized by still more functionality and improved ergonomics. Among the practical extras are, for example, the large-scale safety gates and integrated variable color LED signal lights that indicate operating status and simplify required maintenance.

Only 15 Minutes for a Mould Change

One of the excellent features is the optional magnetic quick mould change system.  With this, mould change-over is accomplished in 15 minutes per clamping unit – without tools or a special mould cart. Particularly Noteworthy is the simple and easy to operate magnetic blow pin quick change system. Moulds and blow pins are always changed from the front side of the machine.

High-output and Energy-efficient Extrusion Package

A well-tuned high-output extrusion system essentially ensures product quality. The new generation of high-output extruders of the future packaging machine line distinguish themselves through processability, high maximum throughput, and excellent melt homogeneity. Bekum places particular importance on energy efficiency when developing extruders. Extruders are the main consumers of energy in any extrusion blow moulding machine. Bekum extruders use energy efficient motors and drives, which are important to achieve high energy efficiency. (Class 10 as called out in EUROMAP 46.1).

Bekum extrusion heads in either mono- or multi-layer technology are designed to achieve precise flow guidance, short color change times and uniform wall thickness throughout the article for all extrusion blow moldable plastics.

Bekum Control 8.0 – New Operator Panel with New Visualization

The modern machine design of the future machine series will be enhanced via a portrait-oriented, generously dimensioned 24 inch operator panel and a new, intuitive touchscreen called Bekum Control 8.0. Visualization of throughput values and energy consumption on the multi-touch operation panel is provided as well as the display of power, water, air consumption, and the pressures of all supplies process utilities.

Remote on-line service, as emphasized by Industry 4.0, has been available from Bekum for many years.  With permission of the owner, Bekum service technicians can log in to machine controls and carry out function tests and perform software updates.

Circular Economy – Regrind Processing on the Show Machine Bekum is engaged in the circular economy and, with its Bekum 3-layer heads, offers a solution for costs-effective recycling of single-origin PE of PP plastic scrap. Thanks to Bekum’s tri-extrusion technology, recycled material (PCR) can be embedded between layers of virgin plastic materials. The use of PCR in the middle layer can also permit a cost-reduction in the manufacture of containers.  Bekum is presenting the Concept 808 show machine with a multi-cavity three-layer application.

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